Joker And Hailey Queen Finally Come To PUBG Steam

The most famous Battle Royale game today, PUBG (Uknown Battleground Player) has finally released very unique content. The game developer presented skin Joker and Harley Quinn from DC Comic.

The developer deliberately presents the content to satisfy the wishes of DC fans in the world. But keep in mind, to get this limited edition skin, there are prices that must be paid by the players.

For Harley Quinn skin, players must spend 24.99 USD or around 350,000 rupiahs, while for Joker it has a cheaper price of 19.99 USD.

The two skins that are presented are very similar to the character of the eyebrows, ranging from clothing, hairstyles to the style displayed is very identical.

Harley Quinn is wearing a very iconic Daddy’s Lil Monster outfit with colorful hair and a large baseball bat.

As for skin Joker, green hair and cool nightclub clothes are very identical to the original character.

This skin can be purchased since November 7 yesterday. These two skins also have an official license from DC that does not violate copyright. Unfortunately the skin is only present on PUBG STEAM and is not yet available for the mobile version.

So don’t wait to long, grap them fast and beat every enemy with cool costume from DC Comic. Let’s have some fun dude !