Outworld Devourer – Fear Of My Insanity !

One of the INT hero that was very feared during the late game was the Obsidian Destroyer. His ability to destroy opponents is terrible, unlike most carry heroes that will be troubled when the enemy has a large armor, for the Obsidian Destroyer, armor is not an important problem.

His Arcane Orb skill is a toggle skill that can be activated every time he attacks. When attacking using this skill, Obsidian will use its 100 SP. The damage produced by this skill is of Pure type so it cannot be synthesized using armor or magic defense. Every time you hit with this skill, Obsidian will steal several opponents INT points and make the INT his own for a while.

His second skill, Astral Imprisonment is a very good skill to harmonize enemies. Obsidian will enter the opponent into his dimension prison for 4 seconds. When in this prison, the enemy will not be able to farm properly. This skill also gives magic damage to the opponent he is targeting.

Seeing the use of the Arcane Orb skill sbobet that consumes a lot of SP, the Obsidian Destroyer is also equipped with Essense Aura. This skill allows SP to be used to issue skills again to Obsidian. The presentation of success reached 40% with a total maximum of SP disbursement reaching 25%.

While the ultimate is Sanity Eclipse. He will attack enemies with great negative energy. The amount of damage to this skill depends on the number of differences in your INT with the opponent’s hero. The greater the difference in INT you have, the greater the total damage caused.