Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Market And Exchange

Welcome to fair trading system. Before discussing the system more deeply, this game has no trade between players, all buying and selling can only be done in the market and all the prices of the regulating system.

For those who still like to call this Auction, please stop because the Auction System is on its own.

Market can be found in every city, almost all the NPCs are the same as drawn. Use this feature to sell and buy your hunting needs.

In the market, economic law applies, so that if the goods <demand, then the price of the item will rise and vice versa. If you are good at economics, you can also do business items here

Inside the market will be divided into 3 tabs, Buy, Sell, and History. Each tab will be explained in detail in the next topic.

The appearance is quite straight forward. Amount on sales means the number of items in the market now, and Inventory means the number of items in your current inventory.

You will only be given 8 slot places to sell goods in the market (except Whitesmith can increase the number of slots). Keep in mind, the market tax is 9%.

If you sell an item and don’t sell it for 24 hours, the item you sell will expire, and if you still intend to sell it then you have to pay back taxes so that it can appear in the market within 24 hours.

Then if the items you sell are rare / unique / are in many requests, Flash Sale will apply (will be explained later).

Note: For equipment that can be sold only Craft, Drop Rift, Miniboss and Drop MVP equipment.

As I mentioned before, if you sell items that are Rare or have lots of requests but there are few stocks, Flash Sale will be applied. Many still say that Flash Sale is a bidding process. But unlike the bidding process mentioned.

If you buy a Flash Sale item, you will be included in the prospective buyer queue. Case example if there are only 5 items in the market and there are 100 potential buyers, then your chance of winning is only 5%. And of the 100 people only 5 people got those 5 items.

How and who determines the winner of the Flash Sale? What determines is the system that takes the winner in Random or Random.

So remember yes, not who buys at the end of time will win, but your 100% luck is tested here.

Tip: For Flash Sale items like material, you can increase the success of Flash Sale by buying more than one in one Flash Sale period.