Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love Guide : Monthly Card

If you play Ragnarok Online Classic on a PC, you will remember where you have to buy a voucher to play the game. In Ragnarok M: Eternal Love you will be reminded of the memories again but with new functions. You can gain exlusive service whenusing Monthly Card.

The following is a list of functions of the Monthly Card:

Free Exclusive Headgear every month.

Warp service to all folders.

Free Rank B food every day.

Can see when Miniboss respawn on MVP Board.

Auto skill slot +1.

+30 inventory slots.

Unlimited Chain Use.

Rice Ball that is obtained from a pet becomes doubled (8x Meatball).

Proof of glory + 10% income.

Open premium Workplace: Kafra Company (Pet Labor).

Pet can work more than one place at a time (Pet Labor).

The use of shared storage is not protected by Level.

And here are some things to note about the Monthly Card:

You can buy a monthly card directly through the System Shop.

Every maximum character can only buy a 3x Monthly Card in one month Via the System Shop.

The Monthly Card Effect is only for one character, not one account.

Monthly Cards can be sold at Market.


So if you want to level up and grinding zenny easily, you need to buy Monthly Card. Happy Hunting !