Two Old Games That Can Be Successful If Used As A Mobile Version

Lately there have been a lot of mobile games that have been picked up from PC games that were booming in the 2000s, say Ragnarok. Actually besides Ragnarok, there are still many other games in the 2000s that are no less cool. Here is an old game that might be booming if the mobile version is made.

First is Rising Force (RF). This game is an MMORPG game with cool 3D graphics. Formerly this game was really cool. This game tells about the fight of three nations, namely the nation of Accretia (Nation of robots), the nation of Bellato (Nation of midget humans), and the three nations of CORA (Nation of elves). This game is very exciting, besides showing good graphics in its time, the war between nations to destroy control chips is also very interesting. If raised into the mobile version, maybe this game will be booming like Ragnarok.

The second game is Nexia. Who doesn’t know the pioneers of MMORPG games in Indonesia? Especially if it’s not Nexia. even though the graphics carried are still retro (8bit), but the fun offered by this game is very pleasant. Many players in his era were willing to skip school just to play this game. Most likely this game will be booming if it is lifted into the mobile version.

There are two old games that might be successful if they are appointed to the mobile version. If you have ever played any games?