Hideo Kojima Will Tell Death Stranding Detail Soon

Ambitious and mysterious, it seems that this is the most appropriate word to describe the latest game from Hideo Kojima – Death Stranding. Kojima’s departure from Konami did not make him stop working, under the auspices of the Sony flag, now he seems to be free to pour various crazy ideas through his latest work.

But unfortunately, since 3 years from the announcement of the inaugural Death Stranding, Kojima still keeps the story and gameplay of the concoction game a secret. However, it is like a time bomb, sooner or later Death Stranding will still be released, and it seems that it is now getting closer to that moment.

The good news, tomorrow, May 29, Kojima will again announce the latest details of the concoction game. Of course we all hope about the presentation of the gameplay and the stories that will be presented, to further raise the tension of the hype, Kojima has also released 2 mysterious teasers.

The Death Stranding itself still remains without the release date, but one thing is certain, the game is only available exclusively for PlayStation 4.