Vengeful Spirit – Fear My Revenge !

Vengeful Spirit is an agility hero who likes to fill support roles in the Dota 2 game. This hero is well known for its high mobility and ability to provide an aura of attack to teammates.

This hero is a hero who is thick with hatred and revenge. Equipped with the Magic Missile skill, Vengeful Spirit can easily stop the opponent’s hero. This skill also has great magic damage so the team will easily kill the opponent hero who is affected by the stun effect.

With the Terror skill, Vengeful Spirit will shout screams of pain that will give magic damage, even though the damage obtained by the opponent hero is small, but the opponent will receive a fairly large armor reduction. This skill is very useful in the early game because in the early game, the armor that is owned by the opponent is still relatively small.

The Vengeance Aura that is owned by Vengeful Spirit will give additional damage to the teammates around this hero. This skill will increase your attacks by up to 30%. When Vengeful dies in the hands of an opponent hero, this skill will also have a damage reduction effect on the opponent’s hero in return for those who have killed him.

The Ultimate he has is named Nether Swap, this skill is very good to use when you want to do chasing or ganking. With this skill, Vengeful Spirit will exchange its position with the opponent’s position, making it easier for friends to kill the opponent’s hero. This skill can also be used by teammates to save them from the opponent’s pursuit.