The Senior Designer God of War Officially Crossed to the Microsoft Studio

The Senior Designer God of War Officially Crossed to the Microsoft Studio

Microsoft is now starting to increasingly want to assert itself as Sony’s toughest competitor in producing rows of exclusive games with high graphic quality. The form of business they do is really not playing games. Almost all layers of talented indie developers have succeeded in recruiting and trusting as part of developers affiliated with first party. Names like Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and Compulsion Games are examples of secret ammunition that Microsoft has prepared to bring in 2019.

Most interestingly, the existence of these potential developers in fact is still felt not enough for Microsoft. Because recently, they have again carried out strategic ties to strengthen their performance in creating a game that is definitely labeled more than AAA.

However, what Microsoft has just recruited this time is not a group of developers, but one of the key figures who has contributed to making the God of War PS4 game win the award as the best game version of The Game Awards in 2018 yesterday.

It’s Chris O’Neill, a senior level designer from God of War who has now decided to leave Santa Monica and Sony to help Microsoft realize their ambitions. Chris, who was once noted to have also worked for Kojima Production, will be recruited as one of the important staff at Microsoft’s new studio called The Initiative. The news has been echoed directly through the results of the biodata update on his LinkedIn account stating that Chris has now officially dedicated himself to Microsoft.

Hopefully this can be a brighter sign for the survival of Microsoft in the world of the video game industry?

The Most Incredible Player In Dota 2 History

The International is the most biggest competition of DOTA 2 in the world. The prize pool is amazing, can you imagine what you can buy with 23 million USD ? That’s why many players and team do their best to win this competition.

Back in time, in 2017 there is most populer player in The International 2017. Liquid become a winner in the last The International. There is many pro team who participating this competition, like LGD, VP, Liquid and many more. So, this is 3 top player in the world who joining The International 2018.

Number one is Roman Kushnarev – RAMZES666 – Virtus.Pro

RAMZES666 is the most pro carry player in the world. He have unbelieved year back in time. Remember how LGD almost lose when fought them in DAC Championship 2018 ? It’s because of RAMZES666 ! His lifestealer gameplay is devastating with powerfull support teammates and mid laner. Maybe this year Virtus.Pro can win TI8.

Number two is Amer al-Barqawi – Miracle – Liquid

Same as RAMZES666, who don’t know about his skill ? His “god hand” on playing Shadowfiend and Juggernaut is absolutely good. His succesfull hero is Anti Mage. His performance on TI competition is the reason for Liquid to success, no doubt about it !

Number three is Damien Chok – Kpii – Newbee

His gameplay is more like to MinD_ContRoL” from Liquid team. His consistency on playing is very good and can be learn by the other. Even he’s underrated player, but all profesional team in Dota 2 must aware of his skill.

Only 28% Succes Finishing Resident Evil II Remake Demo

The long wait will soon be paid off, soon the gamers will soon be able to reminisce with a variety of qualities that are far more mesmerizing through Resident Evil 2 Remake. Now it’s just a matter of a few days away for fans to be able to enjoy Capcom’s ambitious remake, which is also predicted to be presenting a far more amazing experience than the original title.

Welcoming the date of its close release, a few moments ago Capcom has launched a new trailer that looks unique. In the trailer you are required to make the choice to continue the video, of course it looks similar to the game choice matters gameplay.

The nostalgic horror game from Capcom, Resident Evil 2 Remake, will be released at the end of January 2019. But the players who can’t wait to play it or just want to try how the fun of the game can already taste the demo version. A demo version titled BIOHAZARD RE: 2 The “1-Shot Demo” can be played for free by PC users via steam. The game itself will be pegged at a price of 500 thousand rupiah.

In the demo version, there are many players who want to know the excitement of the game remake. The trial shows how cool visuals, audio, and gameplay from Resident Evil 2 remake. As many as more than 1.6 million players play the game.

At least the players who succeeded in completing the demo game are likely because they were only given a short time to complete it, the game that seemed too scary, or the players were more busy admiring the results of the remake.

We’ll see if later the Resident Evil 2 Remake will get enthusiastic like the demo version and defeat the jaul version of Resident Evil 7 or Resident Evil 2. Resident Evil 2 Remake itself is scheduled to be released on January 25, 2019 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

Fortnite Finally Adding Heavy Shotgun On PS4, Xbox and PC

FYI, Fortnite Battle Royale finally adding a new weapon, Heavy Shotgun. This new gun only availabe for PS4, Xbox and PC. Luckily there is no additional download required to using this new gun, not only that, all server will still online, no downtime and you can play like usually.

Fortnite also want to adding Falme Grill Floor Trap, but till now, it’s not precisely announced when this item will be available. But Fortnite team said that this item will be available soon, very soon.

Last week Fortnite already doing the big patch, update 3.3 In this update, they added remote explosive. With this item, you can plant some bomb and detonate it whenever you want, sounds cool right ? But you must know, you only can plant 4 bomb at the time, no more.

How you can get the remote explosive gun ? You can found it inside the treasure chest or supply drops. In update 3.3, there is one new box called supply llamas, you also can get this gun from this supply llamas. It’s also come with many good supply to help you survive the battle.

Fortnite also launched on iOS and Android, but you need a highly specification of your mobile phone to play this game.

Square-Enix Describe New Features In Left Alive Online

After yesterday being tempted by online features by Front Mission’s spinoff game director, Left Alive, Nabeshima Toshifumi, many fans thought that the feature was multiplayer, but it didn’t seem at all after they firmly answered. Then, what are the features like?

Reported by Twinfinite, the Left Alive online feature is a feature similar to the Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 features. Where you will be able to find out where the player dies by turning on the Heat Map Display. Uniquely, besides showing where other players die, you can also take items from their corpses to get rare objects.

In addition to this, Square-Enix also announces New Game + which allows you to play back the game from the start with the levels and abilities that you have increased in the previous playthrough.

Left Alive will be released February 28 in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PC, while the English version will be released on March 5, 2019 on the same platform. You can read more news about it through their official.

Celebrate 500 Million Sold PlayStation Units, Sony Release PS4 Special Edition

In 1994, for the first time sony released the first generation of Playstation, its been 24 years till now and Sony already sold around 500 million unit of Playstation, including PSP and PS Vita.

For celebrating that moment, Sony release the newest edition of PS4, it’s limited edition ! Cool right ? Sony only made 50.000 unit for PS4 Special Edition, it’s mean it will be a rare item and can be a collector item later.

PS4 Special Edition wrapped in transparant blue colour casing including the joystick. If you compared with the old one, PS4 Special Edition look more cool than the old one.

PS4 Special Edition come with Dual Shock 4 with same colour, Playstation Camera, Vertical Stand and Mono Headset. With this things, your gaming experience can be more fun !

To support the gaming experience, PS4 Special Edition come with 2TB Harddisk with copper material serial number. In the serial number at the body, you can see the historical date, like 09995 ( 9 Sept 1995, released date of the first generation Playstation ).

So, how much you must pay to get this cool gaming console ? Sony sets a price for USD 499.99 for PS4 Special Edition. If you only want Dual Shock 4, Sony will sell it separately in September 2018. Will you buy this gaming console ?


Petition For Kimi Hime Negatif Content In Youtube

It is very difficult to believe if in 2019 there are gamers who do not know who Kimi Hime is, considered too sensual Kimi Hime indeed often attracts a lot of attention, especially for boys. Even though she has Subscribers that are not small on her YouTube Channel, she still does not guarantee that she will not be hated. On January 12, 2018 around 18 hours ago, an account named Arik Setiawan just released an online Petition on that protested Kimi Hime’s content.

Reasons for the petition? reported from his campaign page on Arik Setiawan admitted that he did this in order to protect the younger generation who could freely consume content on the Youtube Channel Kimi Hime.

The Online Petition indeed clearly asked Kimi Hime to “Erase Negative Content on the YouTube Channel”. And these demands were sent to Youtube Indonesia Alone, insofar as this writing was made there were more than 15 thousand people who signed this agreement, and the petition still seemed to continue to steal a lot of individual sympathy.

Because until now we haven’t seen the age restrictions on Kimie Hime’s Vidieo content, of course there are many other factors that affect such tags that she uses and the context of the video itself. But as long as Youtube has not put an age limit on Kimi Hime’s Youtube content, it can be ascertained that Youtube considers this reasonable.

PUBG Will Colaborating With Resident Evil ?

It is undeniable that PUBG is the pioneer of the genre of battle royale which inspired many other battle royale games. After the success of the PC version, PUBG Corp & Tencent worked together to bring PUBG into the mobile domain, and the results? the success is increasingly “crazy”.

As we know, PUBG is survival battle royale game which is very popular right now. Can you imagine if the best battle royale game colaborate with the most sucessfull franchise of survival horror game, Resident Evil ? It will be an awesome colaborate right ?

Try giving surprise fans, through the PMSC 2018 stage, Tencent officially announced that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with an ambitious remake project from Capcom – Resident Evil 2 Remake.

For now Tencent still hasn’t given more details regarding this collaboration, but they promised to immediately announce the full content & details that will be presented. Most likely this collaboration will present cosmetics that will change the appearance of characters to be like Leon & Claire, and the possibility will also present a zombie mode like PUBG PC.

While for the Resident Evil 2 Remake game, the plan will be released on January 25, 2019, for PC, PlayStation, & Xbox One. What would the collaboration of PUBG Mobile & Resident Evil 2 Remake be like? we just wait.

Million Player Has Banned By Valve Recorded in a Month

Yesterday, 2018 marked a very important history for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive or commonly abbreviated as CSGO. Where surprisingly, the legendary multiplayer FPS game made by Valve officially follows 2 of its sibling games such as DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 as games that you can play for free, aka Free to Play. Not only that, they also added a new content that allows you to enjoy an experience with a royale through the Danger Zone mode.

However, there must still be a kind of risk or obstacle that Valve would not want to face for the steps they have chosen. Besides having to deal with a variety of negative reviews posted by players who were dissatisfied, Gaben’s beloved developer also seemed to be preoccupied with the emergence of many cheater-cheers as soon as possible they should be conditioned.

Reporting from a Twitter account, an observer or CSGO expert, namely Norway, he just discovered an interesting graph that shows the severity of the number of cheat users in December. Where Valve was noted to have eradicated more than 600 thousand (exactly 609,373) account cheaters who were not responsible through the Valve Anti Cheat (VAC Ban) line.

Very much in contrast to the number of tires that Valve has lowered in November back, this half million more figure is assumed to come from many cheaters-cheaters in CSGO games. Because last December was arguably the month that confirmed the beginning of the CSGO announcement as a Free to Play game. Remarkably, the 600 thousand figure is also the biggest blocking record that Valve can do in one month.

Hopefully, behind their enthusiasm in banning tiered cheaters, Valve can also take the initiative in renewing anti-cheat handling systems that are far more efficacious in this 2019.

The Good Thing From Red Dead Redemption 2

A few weeks ago Rockstar Games released their latest game that has been much anticipated. Yes, the game is Red Dead Redemption 2 which is plotted as the prequel of the first Red Dead Redemption.

After being released, gamers warmly welcomed the game that has been awaited for five years. Various outstanding reviews were raised about the game. This time will discuss about some of the things that make Red Dead Redemption 2 the best open world game.

In other open world games, travel can be less fun and even annoying. Travel usually has a high repetitive element such as most open world games that only really make us walk from A to B without something in the middle of our journey.

Before the appearance of Red Dead Redemption 2, only The Witcher 3 made me personally enjoy the trip. But fortunately Rockstar Games completed this homework quite well and as we have felt together, the trip in Red Dead Redemption 2 was very interesting. Even some people on the PlayStation forum said that the fast travel feature is very rarely used.

In the middle of this trip you can feel the dialogue that makes the story feel more complete and not only that, you also often meet side missions that appear randomly. Here we can stop first to complete the mission while refreshing the mind. Not only that, the condition of the horses that we ride really must be maintained quality.

Down the slippery road carelessly will make the horse feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the horse’s food we must pay close attention to so that the horse we use does not hurt. The number of extraordinary elements in the journey that we went through made this game have a higher standard than other open world games.

With a more complex journey, moving from A to B certainly won’t make you feel bored. Right right? Especially if the journey that we are going through really makes the story more memorable.

Review: Haki The Lost Treasure!

It seems that the popularity of the manga / anime by Eiichiro Oda really makes game developers vying to present their own version of One Piece games. After in 2018 you were presented with the 3 newest One Piece games on the mobile platform including One Piece Nautical King Gulid and One Piece Bounty Rush, this time you are presented with an RPG game titled Haki: The Lost Treasure. For those of you who want to play a game one can download it through the Google Play Store Indonesia.

Like other manga and anime adaptation games, the Lost Treasure Haki game itself will present various stories and iconic events in the series. The story in this game itself starts after the “The Battle of Marinford” arc where you will begin your adventure after the death of Ace and Whitebread.

At the beginning of the game itself you will be given the freedom to choose your own character, which consists of Luffy, Zorro, and Nami, where the three characters have different roles and types of expertise. In gameplay itself this game will use a turn-based system that will run automatically, therefore the character level and grinding will have an important role in this game. To get his own character, you can go through Gacha or complete the mission.

Surely this Haki The Lost Treasure game must be played for you big fans of One Piece, even though this game offers auto battle mode, but this game has the advantage of full voice characters and interesting cutscenes throughout the game.

Bright Memory – Promising New FPS Game

Bright Memory is an ambitious project from the developer himself – Zeng Xiancheng. Although with limited funds, time and only developed alone (except for voice acting), the game so far still looks promising in the visual and gameplay aspects. After initially predicted to be released in 2021, this solo developer decided to release this game through early access, where the first episode will be released on January 12, 2019 later.

From the gameplay shown so far, the game looks like a combination of Shadow Warrior (2013) but with a combo system that encourages players to be more aggressive in playing.

This first episode is expected to be very short and far from the developer’s first vision. He will continue to add features ranging from more weapons, photo mode, enemy execution mechanics, more movement skills, and several other features. Developers hope to add all the main content to the game before 2019 ends.



OS: Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: i5-3470 INTEL or AMD Equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7770
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space


OS: Windows 10 64 Bit, Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
Processor: i7-4790K INTEL or AMD Equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space

Details of SoulCalibur VI Balancing Update Plan

After NieR: Automata’s 2B release as a guest character and DLC SoulCalibur VI, Bandai Namco apparently still has many updates for one of his weapon-based fighting games. One of them is balancing.

Speaking with Japanese game magazine Dengeki Online, they said that the update balance versions 1.10 and 1.11 had to be separated thanks to 2B. Making Namai Bandai inevitably has to postpone it because the character is a top priority.

In addition to balancing, version 1.11 will make it easy for players to get “Ring Out Win”, fix the Astaroth and Cervantes hitboxes, eliminate differences between online and offline, to balance for all their characters.

Although there are still two more DLC characters that will be released soon in the game, but Bandai Namco confirms that the next DLC is something that is closely related to Create-A-Soul Mode. They will release two pack items consisting of more than 100 items.

The first pack will be released soon after version 1.11 is implemented. It will contain several parts of new costumes, some items from the previous series, and some items from characters not released on SoulCalibur VI. In addition, some of the music from the old series of the game also refused to be absent. Bandai Namco also plans to release several items from its pack for free, but does not provide further details about it.

You can now play SoulCalibur VI on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Dead or Alive New Event : Nagisa The Kunoichi Ninja

December begins to end, this means that the new year will begin soon. Leave memories 2018 to welcome some of the opening events in 2019. A matter that is also anticipated by Koei Tecmo and DMM Games with several events in its free PC game, Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation.

Welcoming the end of the year, they released the tsundere Nagisa girl who is also the sister of Misaki who is worried about her sister who works with the owner (you, red) on an island. You who promised him to participate in FES finally got an agreement from him on the condition that he had to return his younger sister to Nagisa’s lap.

With an unusual but still tempting bikini costume, complete with designs of clothes that resemble an kunoichi or female ninja, Nagisa gets a low percentage of gacha which is 0.77%.

In addition to the announcement, Koei Tecmo and DMM Games gave an event to welcome the new year 2019. Daily SSR ticket login, Keys of the Heart is used to increase your “affection” with girls just by achieving a certain score, New Year Mandarin (Mandarin Orange , red) for XP boosting, until the Charm Medal will be one of the main elements they will present.

Keys of the Heart and the Charm Medal you can get after reaching a certain score in the game. You can only get Mandarin New Year after exchanging the New Year Copper Coin obtained from winning every game. The Charm Medal can be exchanged with some home furnishings such as chairs and other objects.

The event will only take place from today until December 31 at 11:59 p.m. Japan time or 22:00 WIB.

Faramis – New Hero Project In Mobile Legends

It seems like Mobile Legends really understands how to spoil its fans, after a few days ago officially introduced the Malasysia hero who has the official name Badang on the advanced server, this time they have prepared a new mage type hero named Faramis. Previously, leak Faramis had been leaked by the Instagram account ml_leak, and this time they again leaked the Faramis skill that had the ability like Madara that could bring the dead to life, Edo Tensei.

itself has skills that are classified as very OP, this is because almost every skill from this mage type hero is very useful both individually and team fight. From his own passive skills Faramis can become an eternal hero, because every time he manages to kill an opponent, he will turn them into souls who will add lives and give damage to their closest enemies.

For skill 1 called Shadow Stampede, it will transform itself into a shadow and will increase the movement speed of Faramis, the severity of this skill is also able to attract 2 enemies at once. For skill 2, Faramis will issue 3 energy balls that will damage magic damage, where the attack has a wide range because it can bounce 3 times. As for the ultimate skill, it will make this hero very useful to Team Fight, because the skill named Vicious Revival allows to turn on the hero of the hero who dies for 10 seconds, which will give the enemy a shocking effect and will be very decisive when team fight .

Interestingly, Faramis himself has a look that is so dark like a magician in general. In terms of its own appearance, the hero who most likely has two skins when the release is later, namely The Alchemist and Death Chanter, is dominated by black, which seems to make this one hero so mysterious and dark that is supported by silver-colored myopia.

Of course, with the skills he had, Faramis seemed to be really going to become a mage who had a function as a support that would be very troublesome. Besides being able to bring to life the heroes who were killed, the skill of 1 of Faramis was really dangerous because it could draw 2 enemies at once, and could bring it to the tower area. What a terrible mage hero!

PUBG Released On PS4, Yippiey !

PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp) announced today that it will bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) to the PS4 console on 7 December.

PUBGs are given a T rating for Teenagers by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board and are now available for pre-orders globally at retailers that collaborate and on the PlayStation Store.

Additional bundles are available with limited offers during pre-orders.

“We are delighted to be able to expand our PUBG services and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game,” said Changhan Kim, CEO, PUBG Corp.

“PlayStation has developed an incredible community of gamers and we can’t wait to join them this holiday season” he continued

PUBG on the PlayStation 4 will be launched with three iconic maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. This game will cover all the main features, ranked systems, event modes, achievements, and more.

PlayStation 4 players who pre-order will receive two exclusive items from PUBG: Nathan Drake’s outfit from the Uncharted and Ellie’s backpack series from The Last of Us.

Those who play on the PS4 Pro will see improved graphics quality, including support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting on compatible TV devices.

PUBG will be available in three different pre-order bundles, available until launch in December. For those who want to buy, just come here.

Here’s the price of the PUBG in the console, yes:

Looter’s Edition: Rp. 432000
Base Game
Survivor’s Edition Rp. 719000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
2,300 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP
Champion’s Edition Rp. 864000
Base Game
Event Pass Upcoming
6,000 G-Coin Pack
20,000 BP

Valve Give Coin Award for Veteran Counter Strike Players

After creating a new game mode, the battle royer, namely Danger Zone and making the Counter Strike Global Offensive game free, Valve again leaked the latest update from the Counter-strike Global Offensive game.

In conjunction with the final update of season 2018 and Winter Wonderland at CSGO, Valve will also give award coins to veteran players in Counter Strike. Coins nicknamed 10 Year Coin Dedication will be given to players who have supported the Counter Strike game for more than 10 years.

Actually the Counter Strike Global Offensive game was just released by Valve in 2012. But the previous game from the first Serie Counter Strike has been around since 2000. So from that Counter Strike game can be said to be 18 years old.

Giving veteran coins to appreciate the loyalty of Counter Strike players from around the world to the community because it can still exist until now. Besides coins Valve will also give virtual medals to CSGO players who have a Global General rank (Rank 40) at the end of this season.

CSGO has recently become a pro-contra among its players because the game is now free by Valve. Although the players will be more numerous but the quality will decrease. Besides the problem of cheats is also still haunting the biggest FPS game.

Survey Proves 84% of Young Women in the UK are Gamers

A recent survey from The Insights People about the behavioral habits of teenagers in the UK found a new phenomenon. The survey shows that teenagers in the UK are very interested in video games. Even 84% of young women in the UK can be said to be gamers.

Of course this greatly outperforms the number of young men who like video games. Not only that the realm of esport in Britain is now also starting to be dominated by womenfolk. From the survey there are also statistics that 15% of these teenage girls watch and are interested in the world of esport. They not only play games in their spare time but also see the development of their country’s esport.

Of course this has denied the stereotypes that women used to hold that they were just hobbies for shopping. But now their hobbies have shifted towards video games. The survey increased by 10% from the previous year that only 75% of teenage girls in the UK liked video games.

But the genre of games that young women play is certainly different from men. While teenage boys prefer Fortnite and Call of Duty games, young women tend to play Nintendo games such as ARMS and Smash Bros, and other online games.

The survey was only conducted in the United Kingdom alone. Until now there has been no follow-up survey about the interest of young women throughout the world on video games. But from that all can be concluded that every year, girls who like video games are getting more and more.

PUBG Mobile Reach Highest Player, Same As Fortnite

Talking about the large number of players in a game is currently surpassed by Fortnite with more than 200 million players, but now followed by PUBG Mobile, which has skyrocketed the number of players. Based on reports from The Verge, both Fortnite and PUBG Mobile now have approximately 30 million active players per day.

PUBG Mobile’s achievement at this point is also inseparable from its previous achievements as “Best Game of the Year” on Google Play, which is then increasingly known by all Android users throughout the world. Maybe this is a blunder for Fortnite who does not distribute its Android version on the official market, they prefer exclusivity on certain phones that tend to have high specifications.

Maybe this is also inseparable from the popularity of PUBG Mobile in our country. Because of the popularity of PUBG Mobile, it even attracted attention in the scene, which at first probably had never glanced at the game industry and even esports, is now starting to jump into the industry that is now rising. Just call the JKT 48 star that made an esports team that some members focused on PUBG Mobile State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) PT. Kereta Api Indonesia, meanwhile also enlivened by making the PUBG Mobile team as well.

The growth of the number of PUBG Mobile players is indeed fairly fast, last September there were 20 million active players per day. Only two months later there were 10 million active players per day.

Ubisoft employees reported being fired after threatening Pewdiepie via Twitter

Youtuber with the most subscriber from Sweden – Pewdiepie has made some controversy in recent years. The majority of this controversy comes from jokes that are seen by the media as offensive and racist and not infrequently because the media reports something from this man without the actual context, the latest controversy is one of them.

Last week, the man in the name of Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg asked fans to stop subscribing to his channel so he could release a video project he had prepared when the T-Series followed the number of subscribers he had. At the end of the video, he mentioned one by one the small channel which he felt was entitled to get more subcriber, one of which was the movie review / essay – E; R channel. Felix explained if he liked the channel because his review of the Netflix Death Note / essay was made, but because the channel had often used racist jokes in previous videos, outside media raised the issue.

Dianna Lora, producer of Massive Entertainment – the studio behind The Division 2, reads the news and feels annoyed to express her opinions and invites other developers to blacklist and “end” Pewdiepie.

After publishing the tweet, The Quartering Youtube channel spread this news to widespread and made Pewdiepie fans and gamers protest this to Ubisoft.

A few days after this news spread, The Quartering got a message from a source claiming to be Ubisoft employees if Dianna was fired right after her tweet was widespread. Although this cannot be ascertained to be true or not, but seeing from Diana’s Twitter profile that has removed his involvement with Ubisoft and has been made private, it seems that the news is true.

Ubisoft hasn’t released an official statement about this event, so what has been obtained by The Quartering for now is still unconfirmed. This news will be updated soon if there are new developments.

Denuvo Expelled From Dishonored 2

Denuvo has become one of the most reliable video game protections up to now. Although it has been successfully broken down many times, but evidence that it can save sales one to two weeks after its release makes it the only anti-piracy software in the world.

Had become a controversy among gamers because of performance problems, most developers generally obey their willingness to delete it. But not a few developers still maintain it even though the game has been hijacked, one of which is Arkane Studios and Bethesda for the game Dishonored 2. Luckily, now the software has been deleted.

Through the announcement of the latest DLC, Death of the Outsider Bethesda and Arkane Studios, add black and white mode complete with mission + that allows you to return to the mission that you have completed with all your abilities. In addition, this free DLC will give you pre-order item pack “Imperial Assassin” just by logging into the account.

Along with the announcement, Bethesda and Arkane Studios apparently also removed Denuvo’s pirated anti-software from Dishonored 2. A step that was considered late, considering the game had been successfully hijacked in advance.

Bethesda is no longer a foreign company for Denuvo removal problems. In 2016 ago, they immediately deleted Denuvo after Doom was successfully hijacked. Uniquely, Prey, who has been broken for a long time, still uses it. It’s not clear why they still maintain it even though the game has been broken down.

Dishonored 2 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can read more news about the game here.

Special Character In Mortal Kombat 11 – Spawn

The 4-year cycle for each continuation of the Netherrealm fighting game franchise still continues. Announced right at the Game Awards yesterday, Netherealm finally officially announced their latest super sadistic fighting game called Mortal Kombat 11.

By first showing the trailer of a fairly intense cinematic battle between Raiden and Scorpion, apparently the Netherrealm still wants to continue the interesting tradition that they have embraced since releasing Mortal Kombat 9 ago (besides about their game release period, of course). The existence of a guest character seems to still be an essential thing that accompanies the emergence of this game

Spawn is said to soon be coloring the sadistic world of Mortal Kombat. Believing not to believe, the issue of the emergence of a superhero who was revived from hell was immediately agreed by the creator in the comic version, Todd McFarlane. In an AMA (Ask My Anything) which he held on Reddit yesterday, he answered fans’ questions about the possibility of the presence of Spawn in the Mortal Kombat 11 game.

Todd in answering the questions of fans made the issue of the appearance of Spawn as a guest character at Mortal Kombat 11 has been strengthened. If that is true, Spawn will be the seventh guest character following Kratos, Freddy Krueger, Alien, Predator, Leatherface, and Jason Voorhees in the Mortal Kombat 9 and Mortal Kombat X series.

Mortal Kombat 11 itself is scheduled to be ready for release on April 23, 2019 for the PS4 platform, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The detailed description of this game also reportedly will soon be Netherrealm shown on January 17, 2019 later.

Will Resident Evil 2 Remake be Equipped with Microtransaction Features?

The release of Resident Evil 2 Remake at the beginning of next year could be the most eagerly awaited moment for those of you who are eager to witness Leon S. Kennedy’s initial experience and survive the terror of the zombies. There have been so many examples of trailers, to the additional details that Capcom has provided to increase your interest in this game.

However, apparently there is one more interesting surprise that Capcom didn’t have time to tell us all. Preceded directly by the ESRB rating body, Resident Evil 2 Remake will get a feature that has long been known as a bitter reality for the development of the game industry in this modern age.

Apart from being very clear that Resident Evil 2 Remake will display a variety of scenes of violence both gore and sadistic with an M rating (17 years and above), this game also seems to offer an in-game purchases service or what we usually know as Microtransaction, although only explained for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms only.

However, do not feel shocked or sweaty first when you see that the features are quite synergized by the majority of these gamers. Because unfortunately we still have to wait for Capcom’s explanation on this matter. What is clear, Capcom itself has confirmed that classic costumes from Leon and Claire can you unlock directly by playing it. Then added with additional bonus missions from Hunk and Tofu which are also certain to not be DLC content.

So, what kind of Microtransaction does Capcom want to dredge from the pocket of our wallet? Is it just a cosmetic item that is purely optional, or is there an online feature surprise that they want to offer us? Whatever happens, Resident Evil 2 Remake is planned to be ready for the upcoming January 25, 2019 for the PS4 platform, Xbox One, and PC.

Story Behind Lindis And Omen In AOV

In games decorated with lore / stories about heroes and good game backgrounds is a reflection of how the game is said to be mature. Our Arena of Valor values ​​are included in one of the mature games because in addition to presenting gameplay, in giving their players a playing experience, Tencent is considered to have worked very well. Lore in the AOV game feels very alive and no less exciting to enjoy besides good Gameplay and Visualization which is realized through the released Skin.

If we discuss Lore AOV, there are those that we think are very exciting and quite surprising after the story, which is the story of Omen and Lindis, so we will give you the facts behind the Story of Omen and Lindis at the Arena of Valor brott!


Counter Strike: Global Offensive Finally Free To Play

Good news as well as dilemma are now being faced with fans and players of this legendary Shooters game. Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FPS game which after 6 years of success has survived and successfully delivered experience game shooters and accommodated world-level esport event, finally freeing the game today.

This news instantly made many gamers, especially those who have played CS: GO games shocked. Of course there will be many new players in droves into this game because this game is free, and players can freely play online in droves to invite your friends.

CS: GO itself is one of the well-known games with the cheatre in the community and among general gamers. Reporting from PC Gamers, Valve runs 1,700 non-stop PCs to eradicate Cheater in CS: GO. There are two systems that will be implemented by Valve on the latest CS: GO concept. Where new players can play for free (which of course will contain a lot of cheaters, considering this game is free) and also the Prime version which is priced at Rp 215,999 where this price is much more expensive than the previous CS: GO prices which range from 60-100 thousand. With this large payment wall, those of you who are already addicted to free CS: GO may be forced to pay this large price.

But on the other hand those of you who have had this game before today, are happy because you don’t need to spend a dime for upgrading your Automatic Prime Players. Hopefully this separation of the Prime Players and Non-Prime is also followed by an increase in the quality of the VAC Ban system, because of course it will feel useless. It is also unclear how the Valve system will separate the Non-Prime and Prime players.

CTR Remastered Will Be Launch ?

This rumor starts when the Facebook page from Crash Bandicoot suddenly replaces the page cover image with a typical black and white flag from a racing flag. Seeing the Facebook page is not officially known or not, this rumor is still very doubtful.

Exactly two days later, Hollie Bennett’s Playstation Access presenter along with IGN got a hairy dice that is usually hung in a car. The dice is orange which is the color of the feathers of Crash, and the dice is also equipped with written paper ‘sliding into the Game Awards on 6/12 ′

IGN added that if one of the dice has only 6 on all sides while the other one has a row of numbers from one to six like ordinary dice. IGN considers this could be a sign if the game to be announced will have a release schedule in June, precisely June 21 because if all the numbers from one dice are counted, it will produce a total of 21.

Previously, IGN had also received a shipment of eggs last year, complete with ‘something’s about to hatch.’ In the end the eggs were confirmed as a teaser for the announcement of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy which was announced several months after the egg was sent.

Is this dice a similar teaser but for Crash Team Racing? We’ll just look at The Game Awards which will take place on August 7 at 08.30 GMT + 7.

Point Blank Will Be Taken By Zeppetto Interactive Indonesia

Who does not know this game, Point Blank is an Online Game that has long been in Indonesia and until now still survives, this game itself was made by Zepetto in 2008. PB is a First Person Shooter (FPS) game where there are two teams that will kill each other and or Objective.

At the beginning of entering Indonesia 10 years ago PB was brought by Gemscool and under the auspices of Gemscool PB lasted for 8 years until then in 2015 Garena finally took over the position of Gemscool as an official publisher in Indonesia.

Reporting from the official Fan page of Garena Point Blank Indonesia as the current Publisher, Point Blank itself will be taken over by Zepetto Interactive Indonesia. Zepetto itself is a developer of Point Blank itself, so in our opinion this is an advance where Point Blank will be taken over by the developer, not through the publisher.

You don’t need to worry because according to the official Fan page of Garena Point Blank Indonesia your account will not be deleted Inventory, rank, exp, PB Balance your cash and points will also not change or decrease. However, there will still be some maintenance services to prepare for the server change process from Garena Point Blank Indonesia to Zepetto Interactive Indonesia, the transfer of the account itself will begin on December 1, 2018.

So do you think that the publisher alternately this time will make PB better? so just wait for the latest news from the official Fanpage from Garena Point Blank Indonesia.

Red Dead Online Will Available ?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game made by Rockstar Games which was released about a month ago. This one game immediately gets an interesting welcome from various reviewers and gamers. Storyline, visualization, as well as diverse missions make this game a favorite game.

The good news, Rockstar Games does not only stop in single player mode but also in multiplayer mode. True, Red Dead Redemption 2 will have an online feature called Red Dead Online. You can play with colleagues to sink together in the breadth of this game.

On Wednesday (11/28/2018), Red Dead Online mode finally rolled out with an update of 5GB. As quoted from Whatculture, this online mode can be played no later than Friday (11/30/2018). The hope is that Red Dead Online is much better when Rockstar launches GTA V Online.

When it was first released, GTA V Online often encountered several problems before it could be enjoyed smoothly a few weeks after its release. Reportedly also, in Red Dead Online, there is one of the fun survival modes.

Now it’s just how Rockstar manages its online related to this game. At present the question is is there any other side content after the online version is present? We have to wait for him.

IGG Officially Open Office In Indonesia

One of the world class game publishers and developers present in Indonesia, I Got Games (IGG) officially opened its official office here. Like most other game publishers, IGG chose Jakarta as the chosen location.

IGG’s operations for Indonesian users have been started in stages since 2016. Meanwhile, the official office was opened from October 8, 2018 with an Indonesian procession, cut the cone, which was also attended by Commissioner of PT IGG Indonesia Digital, Richard Chua.

Besides that, the opening ceremony of the PT. IGG Indonesia Digital was also enlivened with a series of office tours, explanations about IGG, the crowd of cosplayers, and continued after-party.

The presence of offices in Indonesia is inseparable from IGG’s commitment to provide maximum service to game users from IGG, which is coupled with the presence of the live chat feature. The live chat feature can now be found in IGG’s best-selling game, Lords Mobile, with operational hours every day at 07.00 – 23:00 WIB.

IGG Indonesia Digital will later be filled by various office and business divisions such as Operations (including customer support, community services, localization, and QA), HR, and Business Development and Marketing. The presence of this office will certainly facilitate cooperation with prospective relations in Indonesia.

In welcoming guests and the media present, there is one unique thing. PT.IGG Indonesia Digital at the opening of the new office plays the latest theme song from Lords Mobile, Champions Overture. This song was made by composer Klaus Badelt (known through the film Pirates of the Caribbean) and the London Symphony Orchestra.

“This song gives an epic impression to the game and represents fighting spirit from the Lords Mobile game, so it really improves the quality of the game as a war-themed strategy game,” said IGG Indonesia Business Development Manager, Sherly Liu.

Resident Evil II Remake Trailer Finally Released

On Monday (11/19/2018), the official Playstation Youtube channel uploaded the newest video trailer for Resident Evil 2 Remake which lasted about 15 minutes. In the trailer we are introduced to the most iconic enemy of this series!

It is clear we are talking about Lickers, blind monsters created by a medical company Umbrella that relies on its sharp sense of hearing to prey and whip them with their tongues! Not only that, the big claws that are owned by the old Licker are back in the Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer!

On the other hand, thanks to the same mechanism confirmed by Resident Evil 7, it is certain that monsters that are able to jump from end to end of this room will be far more difficult to kill and have far more irritating defenses than their old incarnations!

Then, a new polish from the parking location of the Raccoon Police Department was also leaked in this trailer, along with new scenes seen as an extension of the old game that were hampered by the limitations of Playstation devices!

And not only the location leaked by Capcom through this trailer video. Pieces of scenes that occur in that location are also included, you know!

Taking the viewpoint of Claire Redfield, the younger brother of Chris Redfield, the experience of playing in it is also increasingly varied by maintaining the freshness of the route by placing new enemies.

A more unsteady shooting system with a cursor that is not always stable actually adds to the playing experience rather than disturbing, especially with games that prioritize this creepy atmosphere.

From the point of view of the main characters, it is clear that the unstable cursor implies their fear when dealing with the horrible Umbrella-created monsters!

Know More About Ancient Apparation In Dota 2

For those of you who like to play hero support in the Dota 2 game, surely you are familiar to Ancient Apparation right? This one hero is a counter for high-regenerating heroes like Alchemist and other tank heroes.

Ancient Apparation is a hero that has ice elements and has many skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements. This hero can also be played in several roles such as mid laner or support.

The ability of Ancient Apparation to harassing enemies during the early game also deserves a thumbs up. By using his first skill, he can give magic damage to the opponent he is targeting. Even worse, if the opponent does not move within a certain distance, they will be exposed to freeze status.

To maximize his first skill, Ancient also has skills that can slow down the opponent’s movements in the targeted area. Besides that the opponent will also receive a substantial reduction in magic defense.

With cold touch, in the next five attacks after the use of skills, Ancient Apparation along with friends who are in the AOE skill will get very large magic damage, this magic attack is pure, which means that it will not be cut off by magic defense.

Ancient Apparation’s Ultimate is Ice Blast. This skill is global. For each unit hit by this ice wave it will lose the ability to regenerate its cellphone, even in a fountain!

Best Item Build For Phantom Assasin

In playing the Dota 2 game, choosing the right item really supports the effectiveness of a hero in the team. The selection of the wrong item can actually make the team lose, especially if the hero you are using is an agility (carry) hero. This time we will discuss the most appropriate item for the Phantom Assassin.

For early games, you can focus on buying Ring Of Aquila and Phase Boots. Why do we recommend Phase Boots? Because this type of boots can provide additional damage that can maximize his ultimate skill, Coup de Grace. Besides that the Phantom Assassin can get attack speed from his second skill.

Entering the Mid game, you can buy Battle Fury. With the Battle Fury, you can also maximize his ultimate skill while maximizing your farming. Remember, Battle Fury has the effect of Cleave Damage so you can get rid of creeps quickly.

After that you can buy the Black King Bar. Why is this item needed by the Phantom Assassin? Because with this skill, you can enter into the war zone without the need to fear being stunned or receiving magic damage from your opponent. That way you can move freely without the need to fear being defeated by the opponent’s support.

Entering the late game, the most suitable items are Satanic and Skadi. Aside from adding a large enough cellphone, Satanic and Skadi also provide an attack modifier that can help you win the game.